Online & Blended Teaching Resources

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Online Course Design 

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Digital Learning Toolkit

Guide for online course design

E-learning methodologies

A guide for designing and developing e-learning courses

Digital First Aid Kit 2

Voortgezet y Beroepsonderwijs

Checklist voor standaarden

Essentials of Online Course Design: A Standards-Based Guide


Richtlijnen voor online cursus ontwerp

Alignment table

Online Module Syllabus Template

Tips for Creating Lecture Videos and Voice-Over PowerPoints

Bloom's Digital Taxonomy verbs for 21st Century Students

Online class planning document


Open Educational Resources (OER)

OER for Text & Images


Blended Course Design

K12 Blended Teaching and Online Strategies Textbook

Checklist for Blended Course Design (English version)

Checklist for Blended Course Design (Dutch version)

Bloom's Taxonomy verbs


Teach Tech Magazine Volume 1

The Ultimate Magazine about Educational Technology for Teachers by Sarah Volders, SimplicID Curacao

E 'magazine' aki ta contene varios websites y apps pa maestronan.

Teach Tech Magazine

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