21st Century Skills

Brainstorming Session

Documentonan y video's di introduccion di e Habilidadnan di Siglo 21

21st Century Skills: The 4Cs

Framework for 21st Century Learning Definitions

Concept-leerlijnen voor 21ste eeuwse vaardigheden

Kerndoelen Document

PEN 2030 Aruba


Intro Habilidadnan di Siglo 21


Habilidadnan di Siglo 21, Video #2


Critical Thinking

Pensamento critico


What is Critical Thinking?

What is Bloom's Digital Taxonomy?

Digital Literacy Skills: Critical Thinking

Kritisch leren denken

Herziene taxonomie van Bloom

Taxonomie van Bloom in de praktijk

Critical Thinking

Image by The Creative Exchange


Pensamento creativo


Creative Thinking: How to Increase the Dots to Connect

Chapter 4: Innovation and creativity

Analytic Rubric for Creativity

Holistic Rubric for Creativity

Meeting Room Business




Communication Skills - The 6 Keys Of Powerful Communication

Digital Literacy: Communication Skills

Ofelia Garcia & Li Wei - Translanguaging: Language, Bilingualism and Education (2014)

What is translanguaging, really?

Translanguaging Guide

Zinsontleding  Woordsoortbenoeming in vier talen

Image by "My Life Through A Lens"




Education- Collaboration

Good Collaboration (2014)

The 7 Keys to Creative Collaboration

Cooperation vs Collaboration: When To Use Each Approach

Digital Literacy Skills: Collaboration

Collaborative Creativity and Innovation in Education

Collaborative Creativity-Group Creativity and Team Innovation

Digital Literacy


Internet Safety Guide for Kids

Un recurso pa mayornan y maestronan tocante internet safety pa mucha y cyberbullying. Comparti cu nos via Nick Stern di CyberGhost VPN.

Digital Intelligence (DQ) Framework

Recurso tocante DQ di DQ Institute

How To Keep Your Kids Safe In The Online World? [A Child Saver Guide for Parents]

Un recurso pa siña muchanan tocante 'internet safety' di Sarah Johnson di My Comfort Haven.


21st Century Teaching

Cua ta e didacticanan cu por implementa pa por aplica e
Habilidadnan di Siglo 21 efectivamente?


Project-based Learning


Project Based Learning: Kindergarten Students Collaborate & Create

What Project-Based Learning looks like in an elementary classroom

Project-Based Learning to develop 21st Century Competencies

Hoe vergroot project-based-learning vaardigheden van vo-leerlingen?

Project Based Learning: Why, How, and Examples

Project Based Learning: Explained.

Hathaway Brown School's Project Based Learning Approach in Early Childhood Education

Inquiry-Based Learning

Onderzoekend en Ontwerpend Leren


Why Inquiry-Based Learning in Kindergarten Makes Sense

Inquiry-Based Learning

Onderzoekend en Ontwerpend Leren: Wat vraagt dit van de leerkracht?

Inquiry-Based Learning: From Teacher-Guided to Student-Driven

Coöperatief Leren


Wat is coöperatief leren?

Coöperatief leren: leren van en met elkaar

Coöperatief leren

Coöperatief leren voor alle leerlingen


Cooperative Learning

20 Collaborative Learning Tips And Strategies For Teachers