Recurso/fuente pa algun materia pa enseñansa special

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

1. Papiamento na color: http://www.ea.aw/catalog/papiamento-na-color/

2. Leesboekjes na Papiamento: http://www.ea.aw/catalog/sorpresa/

3. Online courses and fun projects for kids: https://diy.org/


4. Digitale geletterdheid: https://www.wikiwijs.nl/startpagina/vso-dg/

5. Do2learn: https://do2learn.com

6. Special education degree: https://www.special-education-degree.net/top-12-websites-children-learning-disabilities/. E website aki tin diferente fuente pa material pa enseñansa special.

Pa mas fuente por acudi na e lista di material pa scol preparatorio y scol basico, menciona akiriba.

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